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Séminaire invité Mohammed Safari

Séminaire Mohammed Safari

Lundi 15 Janvier à 16h00 dans l'amphi du HUB, Prof. Mohammed Safari donnera un séminaire intitulé: "Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: Facts & Merits".



Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) might finally realize our goal of an all-electric road transport. As of today, however, a significant penetration of this promising technology into the car market is impeded to a high extent by its price premium and its inferior technical performance (i.e., driving range) as compared to the conventional cars (ICVs). The prices reported by IEA and industrial experts for the lithium-ion battery (LIBs) packs are too low (190-250 $/kWh) to explain the current price gap between BEVs and ICVs. The electrification cost, however, is a more realistic metric to be used for the price projections. Simple correlations between the technical index and price of a BEV are required in order to project the future of market for different groups of potential BEV drivers. In this presentation, a fresh analysis of the current status of BEVs is presented to highlight the facts and merits of current generation of LIBs and new directions to go beyond the limits. 
Momo Safari is an Associate Professor in ‘Electrochemical Engineering’ at Hasselt University, Belgium, and a Battery researcher in EnergyVille and IMEC. He is a PhD (2011) and Master (2008) graduate of UPJV (LRCS) and European MESC, respectively. His current research centers around experimental/theoretical investigation of aging phenomena in advanced batteries. Application of Momo’s research includes optimization of the electrode/electrolyte formulations, end-of-life tests, and development of Physics-based models for SOC & SOH predictions.