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PostDoc European Project, HELIS

Updated : 2017.05.16

Li‐S batteries, polysulfides, sulfides, chemical and electrochemical activities

The present project is dedicated to the Li/S electrochemical system which is integrated and funded by the European program Helis.

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Thèse Ministère - UPJV

Updated : 2017.05.09

Development of 3D and 4D imaging by X-ray synchrotron tomography for the morphological and kinetics studies of new generation Li-S and Li-air batteries

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Updated : 2017.05.04

Stabilization of Li and Na metal surface anodes for different battery technologies

Modification of the reactivity of lithium metallic surface by coating functional barriers to improve the performances of electrochemical devices using metallic lithium, with an improvement in capacity and aging, especially for strong current densities.

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Thèse Région - LRCS - LAMFA

Updated : 2017.05.02

Determination of electrolyte transport properties for Li-ion batteries

In the PhD thesis work, experiments will be carried out with a novel cell that has specifically been developed in order to study how the transport properties depend upon salt concentration and temperature, for some selected electrolytes.

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PhD French CIFRE fellowship, Mersen

Updated : 2017.04.30

Development of an innovative process for manufacturing hard carbons for Na‐ion battery anode application

Objective of the thesis is to develop an innovative manufacturing process for hard carbons in order to improve performances of Na‐ion battery.

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Thèse Hauts-de-France - EDF

Updated : 2017.04.24

Stabilité des Pérovskites

Un sujet de thèse de doctorat en science des matériaux est ouvert au LRCS, financé par la région Hauts-de-France et EDF.

Ce projet a pour ambition de circonscrire les vecteurs de dégradation et de proposer des alternatives sur l’absorbeur et le polymère conducteur en capitalisant nos recherches passées et présentes sur la stabilité des cellules à colorant (technologie très proche des Perovskites Solar Cells).

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PhD position IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) / INERIS

Updated : 2017.02.13

Understanding and modeling the thermal runaway of Li-ion batteries

This thesis aims to understand and model the thermal runaway phenomenon of lithium-ion batteries

PhD location IFP Energies nouvelles, Lyon, France (mainly) and INERIS, Verneuil-en-Halatte, France.

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