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Offre de Thèse LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.09.13

Computational Modeling of Redox Flow Batteries

This thesis project focuses on the development of an innovative series of physical models for computer simulation of the electrochemical behaviour of redox flow batteries comprising anolytes and catholytes based on organic molecules.

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Offre de Thèse LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.09.02

Crystal Chemistry of Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries

The goal of this collaborative PhD work is to explore the crystal chemistry of inorganic ionic conductors to be used as solid electrolytes for Lithium based All Solid State Batteries, by exploring different synthesis routes and alternative compositions. A comprehensive study of transport and stability properties will be carried out in liaison with the structural features.

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PostDoc LRCS - Amiens

Updated : -0001.11.30

Electrochemical and Electrical Characterization of Materials and Systems for Energy Storage and Conversion

The Postdoctoral candidate should be involved in in-depth understanding research of electrochemical mechanisms in new Energy Storage and Conversion systems studied in LRCS, such as Li-ion, Na-ion, Lithium Sulfur, All Solid State or Redox Flow batteries. The aim of the research will be to better understand the ageing phenomena of existing systems through the use and the development of electrochemical diagnosis tools. The candidate will be involved in transport (ionic and/or electronic conductivity) measurements for organic, inorganic and/or polymeric materials, in close collaboration with members of the LRCS team on several research projects.

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Engineer position LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.07.04

Engineer position on scientific computing, big data, artificial intelligence

Implementation and optimization of computer programs managing the automatic storage and exchange of intensive scientific computing data and experimental characterizations, as well as their statistical analysis by artificial intelligence-type approaches.

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Offre de Thèse LRCS - Amiens-Paris

Updated : 2019.06.06

Etude et Viabilité des batteries aqueuses au zinc (Zinc Insertion Batteries = ZIB)

L'objectif de cette thèse sera d’établir les mécanismes réactionnels ayant lieu dans ces systèmes et d’évaluer la viabilité des technologies aqueuses ZIB en combinant des analyses électrochimiques, chimiques, spectroscopiques et diverses techniques de caractérisation de pointe (XPS et microscopie). Les transformations de phases (Li)Mn2O4 en ZnxMnO2 via des mécanismes de dissolution–précipitation fortement dépendants du régime de cyclage et de la température seront étudiées. En parallèle, des cellules "pouch cells" seront assemblées et l’ensemble des paramètres clés manquant aujourd’hui (autodécharge, pertes de capacité à différents régimes et températures, taux d’utilisation du zinc et aspects corrosifs) seront scrupuleusement identifiés.

L’étude de l’aspect fondamental et appliqué des nouvelles batteries rechargeables Zn-MnO2 sera réalisée en synergie entre le LRCS et le Collège de France (CdF).

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Offre de Thèse LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.05.21

New lamellar materials as negative electrodes for Li, Na & K ions batteries

Silicon is the key anode material for Li-ion and possibly sodium batteries with theoretical capacities of 3590 mAh / g for Li15Si4 and 954 mAh / g for NaSi. Nevertheless, there are well-known locks such as the volume expansion (310% during the insertion of Li) or the low electronic conductivity resulting from limited kinetics and insertion of Na. In order to respond to these limitations, we have recently explored Si-based structures with a two-dimensional structure, the siloxenes, to direct the reaction with alkalis (Li, Na, K) to a topotactic insertion mechanism, less penalizing in terms of the integrity of the electrode and beneficial for the cyclability. It will be expanded to Sn, Ge and mixte 2D materials. The insertion/deinsertion mechanism will be deeply studied.

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Offre de Thèse LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.05.14

Study of local structural properties in primary & secondary particles of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 by advanced TEM

We propose in this project to use the ASTAR device (Figure 1a) installed in our TEM, to study the local crystalline structure (ordered vs. disordered phases and impurities of LixNi1-x0) of primary particles (impact of morphology and faceting) and secondary particles (grain boundaries) of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 spinel material.

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Research Engineer BAP B LRCS - Amiens

Updated : 2019.05.06

Materials synthesis

Université de Picardie Jules Verne is recruiting A Research Engineer (BAP B - Materials synthesis) in one-year contract (further extension possible), located at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne as from  à September 2019.

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