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Life in Amiens

Accueil Mobilité : Free service to help professional mobility. Facilitates the installation of new employees and their families.

To make relocation easier, Accueil Mobilité team gives a personnalized support, solutions, advices, answers all questions and helps to communicate.

Help in the various stages of the installation: Housing visits, enrolling children in school, discovery of the new environment, integration, and spousal assistance in their job search.


The ESN Amiens AEIA is part of a network of associations: Erasmus Student Network, federated at a national level by ESN France and at an international level by ESN International.

As an active and dynamic network, ESN International and ESN France implement global projects in which local sections can invest.

It is the association of international students in Amiens. Its tasks are the reception and integration of these students in Amiens, as well as awareness of French students on international trips.


The CROUS (or Regional Centre of University and School Works) manages local services that improve the lives of students. For this, it manages scholarships and financial aid, university residences and restaurants, allowing you to meet social workers, offers cultural activities and job offers. It also works to welcome foreign students.