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Alice Cassel Seminar

Thursday 1st December at 11am in the Salle des Thèses room, Alice Cassel will give her 3rd year PhD stud’s seminar entitled "Fast Li-ion conductors as membranes and solid electrolyte for Li-S batteries".

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2016/11/25 Actualités

Inauguration du Cluster Énergie

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2016/11/18 Actualités

Yue Deng PhD defense

Friday 18th November at 10a.m. in the "salle des thèses" room, Yue Deng will defend his PhD during a talk entitled :
"Solid electrolytes revisited : a combined experimental and modeling approach".

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2016/11/04 Séminaires

Atsushi Ohma seminar

Friday 4th November at 11 am in amphi Figlarz, we will welcome Atsushi Ohma from Nissan for a seminar entitled "Future Mobility and FCEV development at Nissan". FCEV: Fuel Cell-Electric Vehicle

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2016/11/03 Séminaires

Dr. Tatiana DA ROS seminar

Dr. Tatiana Da Ros from the Maurizio Prato research group (Carbon Nanotechnology Group, Trieste) will give a seminar on thursday 3rd November 2016 at 11a.m. (Amphi Figlarz).
"Carbon nanostructure: what, when, where, why, how" CV of the speaker
Abstract of the seminar

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