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2017/02/01 Séminaires

Invited seminar

Prof. Masashi Okubo from Tokyo University (group of Prof. Yamada) will give a seminar on Feb. 1st at 11am entitled " Recent progresses on Na2RuO3" (location Hub hall - to be confirmed).

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PhD defense of Coralie Forestier

Wednesday, January 11th at 2PM in amphi Figlarz, Coralie Forestier will defend her PhD on : "Influence of the electrolyte on the safety of lithium-ion batteries: role of additives and lithium salt".

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Alice Cassel Seminar

Thursday 1st December at 11am in the Salle des Thèses room, Alice Cassel will give her 3rd year PhD stud’s seminar entitled "Fast Li-ion conductors as membranes and solid electrolyte for Li-S batteries".

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2016/11/25 Actualités

Inauguration du Cluster Énergie

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2016/11/18 Actualités

Yue Deng PhD defense

Friday 18th November at 10a.m. in the "salle des thèses" room, Yue Deng will defend his PhD during a talk entitled :
"Solid electrolytes revisited : a combined experimental and modeling approach".

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