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2023/01/25 Actualités

Fionnuala Grifoni PhD defense

Wednesday January 25th at 2 p.m. in the HUB amphitheater, Fionnuala Grifoni will defend her PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Laying the foundations of transparent and colorless PV based on selective NIR-dye sensitized solar cells". The jury members are:
Prof. Gerrit Boschloo         (Uppsala...

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2022/12/14 Actualités

Neelam Yadav PhD Thesis Defense

Wednesday 14th December at 09h00 in the HUB amphitheater, Neelam Yadav will defend her PhD Thesis during a talk entitled : "Development of in situ/operando SEM and its application to study the interfacial challenges associated with Li metal based Solid state batteries”. The jury will be composed as follows:

Mme Claire...

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2022/11/17 Actualités

Ali Akhavankazemi PhD defense

Friday November 18th at 2p.m. in the HUB amphitheater, Ali Akhavankazemi will defend his PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Multi-scale degradation study under humidity of lead halide perovskite absorbers".
The jury will be composed as follows : Aldo DI CARLO, Rome University Zhuoying CHEN, LPEM Paris Tom AERNOUTS, IMEC...

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2022/11/09 Actualités

Roberto Russo PhD defense

Thursday November 10 at 2 p.m. in the HUB amphitheater, Roberto Russo will defend his PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Design and development of new organic electrode materials for Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion batteries". The jury will be composed as follows : Rapporteurs:
Pr. Philippe Poizot, IMN
Pr. Alexandru Vlad, UCL


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2022/10/21 Séminaires

Invited seminar Gao Liu

Friday october 21st in the HUB amphitheater, Gao Liu will give a seminar on conductive polymers. Abstract : Electrically conductive polymers are a class of polymers, which can conduct electricity. Conductive polymers have found niche applications such as anti-statics. The electrochemical energy storage devices, especially...

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