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Jiahui Xu PhD Defence

Jiahui Xu PhD Defence

On Friday 8th of December at 2pm in the HUB Amphitheater, Jiahui Xu will defend her thesis during a talk entitled : "Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing Simulation Supported by X-ray Computed Tomography".

Her jury member will be:
Dr. Sandrine Lyonnard, Directrice de Recherche, CEA
Prof. Partha. P. Mukherjee, Full Professor, Purdue University

Prof. Volker Schmidt, Full Professor, Universität Ulm
Dr. Jianlin Li, Senior R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Thesis Supervisors:
Dr. Arnaud Demortière, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco, Full Professor, UPJV