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PhD defense Alexis Maurel

Friday, September 25th at 2pm in the Energy Hub amphitheater, Alexis Maurel will defend his PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Thermoplastic composite filaments formulation and 3D-printing of a lithium-ion battery via fused deposition modeling".

You can watch the defenseby clicking here.

The jury members will be :

Michel ARMAND (Emérite CNRS, UPJV Amiens), Christine CAMPAGNE (ENSAIT Roubaix), Diana GOLODNITSKY (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Eric MACDONALD, (University of Texas at El Paso, USA), Colm O’DWYER (University College Cork, Ireland), Sylvie GRUGEON (UPJV Amiens), Loïc DUPONT (UPJV Amiens), Stéphane PANIER (UPJV Amiens).