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Sunkyu Park PhD defense

Tuesday July 12 at 2 p.m. in the HUB amphitheater, Sunkyu Park will defend his PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Crystal Chemistry of V-based NASICON-type Positive Electrode Materials for Na-ion Batteries".

The jury will be composed as follows :

Reviewers : M. BERTHELOT, Romain (Research fellow, CNRS/ICGM, Montpellier)
                   M. KANG, Kisuk (Professor, Seoul National University, South Korea)

Examiners : M. MENTRÉ, Olivier (Research Director , CNRS/ENSCL, Lille)
                   M. ABOU-RJEILY, John (Research Engineer, TIAMAT, Amiens)

Mme. CARLIER, Dany (Professor, Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux)                     Co-Supervisor
M. CHOTARD, Jean-Noël (Maître de Conférences, UPJV, Amiens)                                Co-Supervisor
Mme. CROGUENNEC, Laurence (Research Director, CNRS/ICMCB, Pessac)         Co-director
M. MASQUELIER, Christian (Professor, UPJV, Amiens)                                               Thesis Director