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Yue Deng Winner of the fifth PANalytical Award

Yue Deng winner of the fifth PANalytical Award

The PANalytical Award 2016 has been won by Dr. Yue Deng, former PhD student of the University of Bath (UK) and the University of Picardie (LRCS, Amiens, France). The prize is based on a research article published in Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2015) 137, 9136-9145, titled: 'Structural and Mechanistic Insights into Fast Lithium-Ion Conduction in Li4SiO4-Li3PO4 Solid Electrolytes’, authored by Yue Deng, Christopher Eames, Jean-Noël Chotard, Fabien Lalère, Vincent Seznec, Steffen Emge, Oliver Pecher, Clare P. Grey and his supervisors Christian Masquelier and M. Saiful Islam. As entrant and first author on the publication Dr. Deng is to receive the award trophy, a certificate and €5,000 in prize money from PANalytical.