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Presentation of the research areas

Presentation of the research areas

LRCS researchers work on 6 research areas encompassing the energy storage and conversion field: from the atom to pre-industrial prototyping, from Li-ion rechargeable batteries to dye-sensitized solar cells.

These research areas are voluntarily not compartmentalized to favor the emergence of original areas through permanent contacts between researchers from different field of expertise. This structure also gives us a well-needed flexibility to tackle the challenges of modern research: a rough competition for fundings,  a strong competition between research groups (especially from German, English, US et Chinese teams) and increasing expectations from the general public/the industry in our field: energy storage and conversion.

Our 6 research areas are the following (click below to learn more about them) :

This research areas are supported by transverse materials' characterization capabilities: XRD, physicochemical analyses, microscopy, spectroscopy, electrochemistry...