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Alexis José Rucci

Alexis José

  • Postdoc

Main Research Activities

Modeling of in silico battery electrodes fabrication including electrode images analysis. Multiscale modeling of Lithium ion batteries performance using the Newman model approach for 3D structures.

Academic Training

  • postdoc 2: Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides (LRCS). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alejandro Franco. 2016. Li-ion Batteries Modeling.
  • postdoct 1: Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil, Argentina. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Martín Santiago and Prof. Dr. Walter Cravero. 2015. Monte Carlo Simulation of the Energy Absorption Process for Radioluminescent detectors and Small Radiotherapy Fields.
  • PhD in Physics. Universidad Nacional del Sur. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Walter R. Cravero. 2015. Monte Carlo Dosimetry for Collimated Photon Beams.
  • Bachelor in Physics. Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Professional skills

Monte Carlo modeling. COMSOL.
Modeling of in silico electrodes fabrication. 3D Image Analysis.
Newman Model Simulations.

Running Projects


Entering the Augmented Era: Immersive and Interactive Virtual Reality for Battery Education and Research

Alejandro A. Franco, Jean-Noël Chotard, Emilie Loup-Escande, Yinghui Yin, Ruijie Zhao, Alexis J. Rucci, Alain C. Ngandjong, Simon Herbulot, Benjamin Beye, Jan Ciger, Romain Lelong

Batteries & Supercaps, 2020

4D-resolved physical model for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Li(Ni1-x-yMnxCoy)O2-based cathodes in symmetric cells: Consequences in tortuosity calculations

Abbos Shodiev, Emiliano N. Primo, Mehdi Chouchane, Teo Lombardo, Alain C. Ngandjong, Alexis Rucci, Alejandro A. Franco

Journal of Power Sources, 2020

A three dimensional kinetic Monte Carlo model for simulating the carbon/sulfur mesostructural evolutions of discharging lithium sulfur batteries

Vigneshwaran Thangavel, Oscar Xavier Guerrero, Matias Quiroga, Adelphe Matsiegui Mikala, Alexis Rucci, Alejandro A. Franco

Energy Storage Materials, 2020

Lithium ion battery electrodes predicted from manufacturing simulations: Assessing the impact of the carbon-binder spatial location on the electrochemical performance

Mehdi Chouchane, Alexis Rucci, Teo Lombardo, Alain C. Ngandjong, Alejandro A. Franco

Journal of Power Sources, 2019

Tracking variabilities in the simulation of Lithium Ion Battery electrode fabrication and its impact on electrochemical performance

Alexis Rucci, Alain C. Ngandjong, Emiliano N. Primo, Mariem Maiza, Alejandro A. Franco

Electrochimica Acta, 2019

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