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Former staff and alumni

Main Research Activities

Cathode materials are key components in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; indeed the particle size and shape of particles play an important role in the electrochemical performance. In view of that, a strictly and detailed control of the synthesis parameters results in the change of the nucleation processes, leading to the change of properties such as porosity, degree of agglomeration and particle size. My work focuses on the control of the mentioned inside the scaling-up process of cathode materials for Na batteries.

Academic Training

- PhD in Chemistry - Technische Universität München

Synthesis and Characterization of  Phospho-Olivine materials and its application as high-voltage cathode materials (In collaboration with BMW and Toyota)

- M. Eng. Materials and Processes - Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Bogotá

Synthesis, structural, electric and magnetic characterization of the complex perovskites

- Bachelor Chemistry - Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Bogotá

Structural and morphological characterization of cooper bismuth oxides synthesized by citrate and solvothermal methods

Professional skills

Synthesis of materials by solid-state, hydro-solvothermal, sol-gel, precipitation, polyol and microwave methods. Characterization: X-ray diffraction, SEM, TGA-DSC, magnetization and ferroelectric test