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Former staff and alumni

Gaspard Bouteau


  • PhD student

Tél. : 03 22 82 75 92

Main Research Activities

Development of suitable electrolytes for photo-rechargeable devices and non-intermittent photovoltaics panels. Electrode core-shell structuration by ALD/PLD to improve the photo-induced charge collection efficiency

Academic Training

  • PhD (LRCS/LG2A, Fréderic SAUVAGE et Albert NGUYEN-VAN-NHIEN, 2015-2018, Semi-conductor/electrolyte interface optimisation for photo-rechargeable devices)
  • Master  (Université de Nantes, 2012-2014)

Professional skills

Electrochemical characterizations, photo-electrochemical characterizations, Materials Science, Photochemistry, Hydrothermal synthesis.

Running Projects

Labex-storex CNRS

Effect of standard light illumination on electrolyte’s stability of lithium-ion batteries based on ethylene and di-methyl carbonates

Gaspard Bouteau, Albert Nguyen Van-Nhien, Michel Sliwa, Nicolas Sergent, Jean-Claude Lepretre, Grégory Gachot, Iryna Sagaidak, Frédéric Sauvage

Scientific Reports, 2019

Light-Induced Charge Separation in Mixed Electronic/Ionic Semiconductor Driving Lithium-Ion Transfer for Photo-Rechargeable Electrode

C. Andriamiadamanana, I. Sagaidak, G. Bouteau, C. Davoisne, C. Laberty-Robert, F. Sauvage

Advanced Sustainable Systems, 2018

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