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Jean-Bernard Leriche


  • Ingénieur d'études
  • Retraité depuis 2016

High Rate Performance for Carbon‐Coated Na3V2(PO4)2F3 in Na‐Ion Batteries

Thibault Broux, François Fauth, Nikita Hall, Yohann Chatillon, Matteo Bianchini, Tahya Bamine, Jean‐Bernard Leriche, Emmanuelle Suard, Dany Carlier, Yvan Reynier, Loïc Simonin, Christian Masquelier, Laurence Croguennec

Small Methods, 2019

Following lithiation fronts in paramagnetic electrodes with in situ magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging

MX. Tang, V. Sarou-Kanian, P. Melin, J-B. Leriche, M. Menetrier, J-M. Tarascon, M. Deschamps, E. Salager

Nature Communications, 2016

Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging for real-time monitoring of Li-ion batteries

M. Sathiya, JB. Leriche, E. Salager, D. Gourier, JM. Tarascon, H. Vezin

Nature Communications, 2015

Solid-State NMR of the Family of Positive Electrode Materials Li2Ru1–ySnyO3 for Lithium-Ion Batteries

E. Salager, V. Sarou-Kanian, M. Sathiya, M. Tang, JB. Leriche, P. Melin, Z. Wang, H. Vezin, C. Bessada, M. Deschamps, JM. Tarascon

Chemistry of materials, 2014

An all-solid state NASICON sodium battery operating at 200°C

F. Lalere, JB. Leriche, M. Courty, S. Boulineau, V. Viallet, C. Masquelier, V. Seznec

Journal of Power Sources, 2014

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