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Jean-Marie Tarascon


  • Professeur

Academic Training

Professeur au LRCS 1994-2013

Directeur du LRCS 1994-2007

Synthesis, Structure, and Electrochemical Properties of Na3MB5O10 (M = Fe, Co) Containing M2+ in Tetrahedral Coordination

Florian Strauss, Gwenaëlle Rousse, Moulay Tahar Sougrati, Daniel Alves Dalla Corte, Matthieu Courty, Robert Dominko, Jean-Marie Tarascon

Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

Editors' Choice—Practical Assessment of Anionic Redox in Li-Rich Layered Oxide Cathodes: A Mixed Blessing for High Energy Li-Ion Batteries

Assat, Gaurav; Delacourt, Charles; Corte, Daniel Alves Dalla; Tarascon, Jean-Marie

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016

Following lithiation fronts in paramagnetic electrodes with in situ magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging

MX. Tang, V. Sarou-Kanian, P. Melin, J-B. Leriche, M. Menetrier, J-M. Tarascon, M. Deschamps, E. Salager

Nature Communications, 2016

Electrochemical activation of silica for enhanced performances of Si-based electrodes.

Florent Lepoivre, Dominique Larcher and Jean-Marie Tarascon

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016

Electrochemical Activation of Silica for Enhanced Performances of Si-Based Electrodes

Florent Lepoivre, Dominique Larcher, Jean-Marie Tarascon

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016

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