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Matias Quiroga


  • Postdoc ICGM

Academic Training

Postdoc au LRCS 2014-2016

A three dimensional kinetic Monte Carlo model for simulating the carbon/sulfur mesostructural evolutions of discharging Lithium sulfur batteries

Vigneshwaran Thangavel, Oscar Xavier Guerrero, Matias Quiroga, Adelphe Matsiegui Mikala, Alexis Rucci, Alejandro A.Franco

Energy Storage Materials, 2019

A Microstructurally Resolved Model for Li-S Batteries Assessing the Impact of the Cathode Design on the Discharge Performance

Vigneshwaran Thangavel, Kan-Hao Xue, Youcef Mammeri, Matias Quiroga, Afef Mastouri, Claude Guéry, Patrik Johansson, Mathieu Morcrette, Alejandro A. Franco

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016

Modeling Investigation of the Local Electrochemistry in Lithium-O2 Batteries: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach

G. Blanquer, Y. Yin, M. A. Quiroga, A. A. Franco

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2016

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