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Former staff and alumni

Main Research Activities

The aim of this project is to develop redox-flow batteries based on the use of lithium or sodium insertion materials in the presence of redox mediators in aqueous electrolytes at neutral pH. We would like to design and optimize transition metal complex-based electrolytes (posolyte/negolyte) using a dual experimental-modeling approach. The project is co-supervised by Prof. Emmanuel Baudrin (experimental, LRCS) and Ass. Prof. Piotr de Silva (DFT modeling, DTU) and is funded by ALISTORE-ERI.

Academic Training

M.Sc. in chemistry at the American University of Beirut, AUB, 2019

Professional skills

Cyclic voltammetry, battery cycling, DFT calculations, synthesis of transition metal complexes

Running Projects

Financed by ALISTORE - ERI

LiFePO4-ferri/ferrocyanide redox targeting aqueous posolyte: Set-up, efficiency and kinetics

Jose F. Vivo-Vilches, Arina Nadeina, Noura Rahbani, Vincent Seznec, Dominique Larcher, Emmanuel Baudrin

Journal of Power Sources, 2021

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