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Former staff and alumni

Main Research Activities

High energy density of binder free sintered electrodes were prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering(SPS) technique.LiFePO4 and Li4Ti5O12 sintered electrodes are made with higher specific capacity compared to conventional lithium ion batteries. A full battery having LFP positive and LTO negative electrodes were assembled and working with superior electrochemical performances. Pore forming agents were used with active materials to promote better lithium ion diffusion and charge transfer inside the electrodes during cell operation. The main idea is to reduce the weight of non-active materials present in batteries like binder, current collector, lid, hence by improving the gravimetric and volumetric energy density of lithium ion batteries.

Academic Training

  • Thèse (LRCS,  Vincent  Seznec et Mathieu Morcrette,  High energy  density electrodes for lithium ion batteries using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) )
  • Master (Anna University (Inde), 2014)

Professional skills

Spark plasma sintering, Microparticles synthesis, Cell cycling using VMP-Biologic

Running Projects

UPJV/2014-2017/Ministère Français

Thick Binder-Free Electrodes for Li–Ion Battery Fabricated Using Templating Approach and Spark Plasma Sintering Reveals High Areal Capacity

Rakesh Elango, Arnaud Demortière, Vincent De Andrade, Mathieu Morcrette, Vincent Seznec

Advanced Energy Materials, 2018

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