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Steven Renault


  • Chercheur
  • Université Uppsala

Tél. : +4618-471 3776

Academic Training

Postdoc au LRCS 2009-2011

Pyrolysis reaction of squaric acid: A one-step method for producting expanded foam of mesoporous carbon

M. Leclere, M. Lejeune, L. Dupont, A.-L. Barrès, S. Renault, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot

Materials Letters, 2014

A green Li-organic battery working as a fuel cell in case of emergency

S. Renault, S. Gottis, AL. Barres, M. Courty, O. Chauvet, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot

Energy & Environmental Science, 2013

Innovations in organic electrode materials to build "greener" Li-ion batteries

P. Poizot, S. Renault, AL. Barres, S. Gottis, F. Dolhem

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 2013

High-Potential Reversible Li Deintercalation in a Substituted Tetrahydroxy-p-benzoquinone Dilithium Salt: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

A-L. Barres, J.Q. Geng, G. Bonnard, S. Renault, S. Gottis, O. Mentre, C. Frayret, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot

Chemistry - A European Journal, 2012

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