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Former staff and alumni

Main Research Activities

To improve energy density in standard Li-ion batteries, 2 options are available: using high capacity materials or increase battery nominal voltage. In case of all solid-state batteries, new parameter such as shaping must be considered. According to the collaboration between LRCS (V. Viallet & M. Morcrette) and RENAULT (M. Chakir), my goals during this PhD are: - Synthesis of solid electrolyte materials by using RS2E pilot lab in Amiens - Study and improve electrode formulation including optimization of electrode/electrolyte blend followed by characterization and interface comprehension Identification of the best system (positive electrode/solid electrolyte/negative electrode) and conception of battery prototype with ambitious energy density

Academic Training

  • R&D Engineer (Seoul, 2017) - ARKEMA

-          Study of binder electrochemical stability for cathode in Li-ion battery

  • MSc2. Conception and Life-Cycle Assessment (Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, 2016) Apprenticeship

-          Liquid electrolyte formulation for Li-ion battery (ARKEMA, Pierre-Bénite)

  • MSc1. Materials science (Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, 2015)

-          Block copolymer synthesis for graphite particles dispersion (SOLVAY, Vadodara)

  • BSc. Chemistry (Joseph Fourier University Grenoble 1, 2014)

-          Cathode formulation for Li-ion battery (ARKEMA, Pierre-Bénite)

  • HNC (Joseph Fourier University Grenoble 1, 2013)

-          Diazonium salts synthesis for carbon nanotubes functionalization (CEA, Grenoble)

Professional skills

Thermal analysis, SEM, Galvanostatic cycling, Cyclic voltammetry, Impedance spectroscopy, Synthesis by high energy ball milling

A detailed characterisation study of Li6PS5Cl ionic conductors from several synthetic routes

Xavier Randrema, Cédric Barcha, Mohamed Chakir, Virginie Viallet, Mathieu Morcrette

Solid State Sciences, 2021

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