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Main Research Activities

- Phénomènes de conductions ionique et électronique dans des électrodes pour Li-ion et Na-ion, des électrolytes liquides et solides, des systèmes complets
- Caractérisation fine des phénomènes aux interfaces d’un point de vue chimique et électrochimique
- Stabilisation et fonctionnalisation de surfaces et interfaces
- Optimisation des systèmes Li-ion, Li-air et tout solide

Academic Training

  • postdoctorat position in All-Solid-State Battery (LRCS CNRS UMR 7314 – AMIENS France, McF V. Viallet – McF V. Seznec, 2013-2014, 1 year, “All-solid-state batteries prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and characterizations”)
  • postdoctorat position in Photovoltaics Systems (IRDEP UMR7174 – CNRS/EDF/Chimie ParisTech – CHATOU France, DR D. Lincot – CR N. Naghavi, 2012-2013, 18 months, “Processes, interfaces and characterization of ultrathin cells based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS)”)
  • postdoctorat position in Surface Sciences and Catalysis (Surface Science & Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University – PITTSBURGH USA, Pr A. Gellman – J. Miller, 2011-2012, 1 year, “Coevaporation with masks for optimization of binary, ternary and quaternary systems – Alloys reactivity for fuel cell membrane and characterization by SEM-EDS-EBSD”)
  • PhD in Physical-Chemistry of Condensed Materials (First Class Hinours) (STMicroelectronics TOURS – Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB) BORDEAUX France, Pr A. Levasseur – McF B. Pecquenard, 2007-2010, “Improvement of lithium microbatteries performances – Correlation between local structure and ionic conduction of amorphous solid electrolytes”)

Professional skills

Caractérisations électrochimiques et de conductions
AC-DC spectroscopie d’impédance
Études en vieillissement et benchmarking
Design de cellules spécifiques, bancs de test
Stabilisation et fonctionnalisation de surfaces

Investigation of Mg(BH4)(NH2)-Based Composite Materials with Enhanced Mg2+ Ionic Conductivity

Ronan Le Ruyet, Romain Berthelot, Elodie Salager, Pierre Florian, Benoît Fleutot, Raphaël Janot

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019

A review of structural properties and synthesis methods of solid electrolyte materials in the Li2S − P2S5 binary system

Ömer Ulaş Kudu, Theodosios Famprikis, Benoit Fleutot, Marc-David Braida, Thierry Le Mercier, M. Saïful Islam, Christian Masquelier

Journal of Power Sources, 2018

Highly Loaded Graphite-PLA Composite Based Filaments for Lithium-Ion Battery 3D-Printing

Alexis Maurel, Matthieu Courty, Benoit Fleutot, Hugues Tortajada, Kalappa Prashantha, Michel Armand, Sylvie Grugeon, Stéphane Panier, Loic Dupont

Chemistry of materials, 2018

Crystal structures, local atomic environments and ion diffusion mechanisms of scandium-substituted NASICON solid electrolytes

Yue Deng, Christopher Eames, Long H. B. Nguyen, Oliver Pecher, Kent J. Griffith, Matthieu Courty, Benoit Fleutot, Jean-Noël Chotard, Clare P. Grey, M. Saiful Islam, Christian Masquelier

Chemistry of materials, 2018

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