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Sébastien Cavalaglio


  • Ingénieur d'études RS2E
  • Unité de prototypage

Main Research Activities

Développement des étapes technologiques de mise en forme de batteries.

Academic Training


Professional skills

Formulation d’encres actives pour électrodes positives et négatives.
Enduction d’électrodes.
Prototypage de batteries au format 18650, pouch-cell.Caractérisation.
Tests électrochimiques, demi-piles et batteries complètes.

Running Projects

Enzymatically demethylated pectins: from fruit waste to an outstanding polymer binder for silicon-based anodes of Li-ion batteries

Mariama Ndour, Jean-Pierre Bonnet, Sébastien Cavalaglio, Tristan Lombard, Josip Safran, Corinne Pau-Roblot and Véronique Bonnet

New Journal of Chemistry, 2023

The formulation of a CMC binder/silicon composite anode for Li-ion batteries: from molecular effects of ball milling on polymer chains to consequences on electrochemical performances

Mariama Ndour, Jean-Pierre Bonnet, Sébastien Cavalaglio, Tristan Lombard, Matthieu Courty, Luc Aymard, Cédric Przybylski , Véronique Bonnet

Materials Advances, 2022

Revisiting and improving the preparation of silicon-based electrodes for lithium-ion batteries: ball milling impact on poly(acrylic acid) polymer binders

Thibaut Chartrel, Mariama Ndour, Véronique Bonnet, Sébastien Cavalaglio, Luc Aymard, Franck Dolhem, Laure Monconduit, Jean-Pierre Bonnet

Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2019

New chemical approach to obtain dense layer phosphate-based ionic conductor coating on negative electrode material surface: Synthesis way, outgassing and improvement of C-rate capability

Benoit Fleutot, Carine Davoisne, Grégory Gachot, Sébastien Cavalaglio, Sylvie Grugeon, Virginie Viallet

Applied Surface Science, 2017

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