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Ana Cristina Martinez Maciel

Ana Cristina
Martinez Maciel

  • PhD student

Main Research Activities

Industrial PhD (LRCS – Renault, December 2017–). Project: “Gas generation inside the Li-ion batteries: Comprehension of mechanisms and proposition of solutions”. Advisor: Prof. Stéphane LARUELLE. Li-ion batteries are present in almost every electric vehicle. During their use, the liquid electrolyte degrades over time and forms gas. This gas is not only penalizing for the performance of the battery (increase of the internal resistance...), but it also induces mechanical stresses at the level of the modules, leading to their damage. In this same context, this thesis work will allow to study, at first, the physicochemical mechanisms leading to the gas evolution (for the currently used chemistries and those under development); and secondly, it will involve the proposition of approaches to limit or eliminate the gas, especially at the level of electrolyte additives.

Academic Training

  • Master Erasmus Mundus: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (2015–2017).

S1: Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France)

S2: Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)

S3: Universidad de Córdoba (Cordoba, Spain)

S4: Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, France). Project: “Grafting of organic entities in positive electrode materials to improve its performance”. Advisor: Matthieu BECUWE (LRCS).

  • Nanotechnology engineer – (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Mexico; 2010–2015). Final project: “Electrocatalytic study of the enzyme laccase of Trametes versicolor, immobilized in tridimensional carbon structures for its application in microfluidic cells”.

Professional skills

Nanotechnology systems, surface analysis and modification, pH titration, electrolyte additives

Running Projects

CIFRE Renault–LRCS / 2017–2020 / ANRT

High reactivity of the nickel-rich LiNi1-x-yMnxCoyO2 layered materials surface towards H2O/CO2 atmosphere and LiPF6-based electrolyte

Ana Cristina Martinez, Sylvie Grugeon, Dominique Cailleu, Matthieu Courty, Pierre Tran-Van, Bruno Delobel, Stephane Laruelle

Journal of Power Sources, 2020

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