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Students and postdocs

Main Research Activities

This thesis supervised by Prof. C. Masquelier (Amiens, FR) and co-supervised Virginie Viallet is in the field of solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries. 
This thesis project aims to explore the different compositions of Argyrodite type sulfide ion conductors and increase the understanding of their ionic conduction mechanisms, as well as to study the effects of the local and microscopic structure and elemental composition on these mechanisms.

Academic Training

- Facility Technologist for Electron microscope, JEOL India, (2016-2018)

- Masters in Physics, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India  (2014-2016)

Professional skills

Synthesis of Materials // Solid-State / Sol-gel / Hydrothermal/Template-assisted synthesis
Structural Characterization // X-ray diffraction
Microstructural Characterization // SEM / TEM / AFM/ Surface area analysis
Thermal Characterization // DSC / TGA
Elementary Characterization // ICP-AES / EDX
Electrochemical Characterization // EIS / CV

Running Projects

The doctoral project based at LRCS (Amiens, FR) for three years (2021-2024) is funded by UMICORE.