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Diana Zapata Dominguez

Zapata Dominguez

  • PostDoc

Main Research Activities

The electrode manufacturing depends on the fabrication parameters. Their optimization in industry and academia is currently based on trial error approaches. I work within the Artistic project, whose goal is to develop predictive computational tools for the fabrication process and the influence of the production parameters. I aim to support/validate the proposed models by experimental outputs using different characterization techniques.

Academic Training

- Ph.D. (CEA Grenoble-IRIG, Sandrine Lyonnard, and Stephanie Pouget, 2020, Investigation of the cycling mechanisms in silicon and germanium-based Lithium-ion batteries by ex-situ and operando X-ray scattering techniques)
- Master 2 Monabiphot (universite Paris Saclay-ENS Cachan, 2017)

Professional skills

Slurry preparation and optimization.
Electrode processing from materials to cell assembly.
Rheology, SEM, 7Li-NMR, operando XRD.
Electrochemical tests/characterization: galvanostatic/potentiostatic techniques/analysis, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.