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Fan Chen


  • Doctorante

Tél. : 03 22 82 57 74

Main Research Activities

Synthèse de nouveaux NASICON matériaux de cathode, en particulier des phosphates

Professional skills

Powder X-ray diffraction, solid state synthesis, battery

Running Projects

4 ans, China Scholarship Council (CSC)

HBO2 as an adhesive agent for the multi-step fabrication of all-solid-state sodium batteries

T. Kobayashi, F. Chen, V. Seznec, C. Masquelier

Journal of Power Sources, 2020

A NASICON‐Type Positive Electrode for Na Batteries with High Energy Density: Na4MnV(PO4)3

Fan Chen, Vadim M. Kovrugin, Rénald David, Olivier Mentré, François Fauth, Jean‐Noël Chotard, Christian Masquelier

Small Methods, 2019

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