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Imelda Cardenas Sierra

Cardenas Sierra

Tél. : 0322825338

Main Research Activities

My thesis project is the result of a collaboration between the LRCS and IFPEN Lyon, and is part of the BATMAN under the french Research Program “PEPR Batteries”. This project aims to develop, validate and demonstrate a digital twin of the functionality of sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) and solid-state batteries (SSBs). Specifically, I will be working on both reduced-ordered physics-based models and 3D-resolved physics-based models using electrode microstructures generated from manufacturing simulations. These 3D-resolved models will account for chemical degradation aspects, enabling simulations that cover battery behavior across multiple cycles until the end of their lifespan. Employing Bayesian optimization and machine learning techniques, my goal is to optimize cycling conditions to extend battery lifetime during charge-discharge cycles. To validate my findings, I'll compare the obtained results with experimental characterizations. Supervised by Prof. Alejandro Franco (LRCS) and Dr. Martin Petit (IFPEN).

Academic Training

Bachelors (Material’s Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo, 2015-2020)

Master (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree MESC+, 2021-2023)

Master’s Internship (CICenergigune, supervised by Alexis Rucci and Javier Carrasco, 2023, “Multi-scale modeling of Li-ion batteries”)

Professional skills

Electrochemical modeling of batteries, COMSOL Multiphysics, Geodict, Python, MATLAB

Running Projects

BATMAN project funded by the 'PEPR Batteries' French Research Program