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Students and postdocs

Main Research Activities

The primary focus of this project is on alternative chemistries that can be used as negative electrodes for energy-related devices. These include electrodes with a Wadsley-Roth structure, such as Nb16W5O55, TiNb2O7, PNb9O25, etc. The crystal chemistry of these materials is extremely rich and the relatively high working potential of the anode above the lithium plating potential will prevent the formation of lithium dendrites even at high rates. The LRCS of Amiens, a joint UPJV-CNRS research unit and UMICORE, will investigate new compositions and test them in actual working conditions against a series of positive electrodes in various battery configurations, possibly in collaboration with DESTINY partners, utilising electrolytes, either liquid or solid.

Academic Training

Bachelor and Master of Science (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Tirupati, India ; 2016-2021)

Professional skills

Electrochemistry, Synthesis, X-Ray Diffraction

Running Projects

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Destiny doctoral project (2022-2025) funded by CNRS.