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Students and postdocs

Main Research Activities

Modeling and simulation of batteries electrodes by extrusion process The objective of my thesis is to develop and optimize a 3D numerical model from the extruder to the electrode. A DEM approach will first be favored to study the organization of materials in space within the electrode. In particular the particles of the active material and those representing aggregates of additive carbon and polymer binder.Both deterministic (optimization) and probabilistic (ML) approaches will be considered. The production of test benches will allow us to compare our approach to other existing ones, in terms of efficiency and durability.

Academic Training

Master (University of Paris-Saclay, Energy, 2021-2023)

Bachelor (Northeastern University, 2017~2021)

Professional skills

Molecular dynamics (LIGGGHTS), Computional fuild dynamic, Python, Matlab.

Running Projects

CNRS MITI (La Mission pour les initiatives transverses et interdisciplinaires)