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Development of a multi-scale model to investigate transport process in porous battery electrodes and seeking for a better fundamental understanding of how micro and mesoscopic transport of molecules/species effect macroscopic observables/properties. EC-tests, NMR, etc. both to provide some parameters to modeling works and confirm the results of the models.


Thèse :

  • Supervisors : A. A. Franco (UPJV), C. P. Grey (UCAM)
  • Topic: “Anisotropic transport processes in porous battery electrodes from a multiscale modelling perspective”

Probing and Interpreting the Porosity and Tortuosity Evolution of Li-O2 Cathodes on Discharge through a Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach

Amangeldi Torayev, Simon Engelke, Zeliang Su, Lauren E. Marbella, Vincent De Andrade, Arnaud Demortière, Pieter C. M. M. Magusin, Céline Merlet, Alejandro A. Franco, Clare P. Grey

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2021

Text mining assisted review of the literature on Li-O2 batteries

Amangeldi Torayev, Pieter Magusin, Clare Grey, Celine Merlet, Alejandro A. Franco

JPhys Materials, 2019

On the Importance of Incorporating Explicit 3D-Resolved Electrode Mesostructures in Li-O2 Models

Amangeldi Torayev, Pieter C. M. M. Magusin, Clare P. Grey, Céline Merlet, Alejandro A. Franco

Applied Energy Materials, 2018

Investigation of bi-porous electrodes for lithium oxygen batteries

Caroline Gaya, Yinghui Yin, Amangeldi Torayev, Youcef Mammeri, Alejandro A. Franco

Electrochimica Acta, 2018

Stochasticity of Pores Interconnectivity in Li-O2 Batteries and Its Impact on the Variations in Electrochemical Performance

Amangeldi Torayev, José Alexis Rucci, Pieter M. Magusin, Arnaud Demortière, Vincent De Andrade, Clare P. Grey, Céline Merlet, Alejandro A. Franco

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2018

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