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Daniele Tomerini


  • Postdoc
  • University of Basel


Post-Doc au LRCS 2013-2016

Electronic structure and energy decomposition analyses as a tool to interpret the redox potential ranking of Naphtho-, Biphenyl- and Biphenylene-quinone isomers

Daniele Tomerini, Olivier Politano, Carlo Gatti, Christine Frayret

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

Relating Electrochemistry of New Organic Materials for Batteries and Fundamental Understanding through DFT Calculations

C. Frayret, D. Tomerini, C. Gatti, Y. Danten, M. Becuwe, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot

Advances in Science and Technology, 2014

Experimental and theoretical studies of tetramethoxy-p-benzoquinone: infrared spectra, structural and lithium insertion properties

G. Bonnard, A. L. Barres, Y. Danten, D. G. Allis, O. Mentre, D. Tomerini, C. Gatti, EI. Izgorodina, P. Poizot, C. Frayret

RSC Advances, 2013

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