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Karim Djellab



Ingénieur d'études

Structural and thermomecanical investigation of lyotropic liquid crystal phases doped with monodisperse microparticles

A. Ponton, C. Meyer, G. Foyart, L. Aymard, K. Djellab

Applied Rheology, 2014

Single-ion polymer electrolytes based on a delocalized polyanion for lithium batteries

R. Meziane, JP. Bonnet, M. Courty, K. Djellab, M. Armand

Electrochimica Acta, 2011

Direct and modified ionothermal synthesis of LiMnPO4 with tunable morphology for rechargeable Li-ion batteries

P. Barpanda, K. Djellab, N. Recham, M. Armand, J-M. Tarascon

Journal Of Materials Chemistry, 2011

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