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The current research is aimed to observe the evolution of the insertion/de-insertion zones of Li+ and Na+ ions in individual positive electrode crystals and to correlate them with structural in-homogeneities, orientations and crystalline facets. The man device which will be used is TECNAI G2 transmission electron microscope coupled with ASTAR (NanoMegas) system allowing to provide crystalline orientation and phase mapping with nanometric resolution. The obtained operando observations will permit to get the better insight into phase separation mechanisms and their dynamics within crystals, for which many questions remain unresolved, in particular for Na-ion materials (NVPF), which did not intensively investigate so far. The research project will be in collaboration with scientists who are specialists in battery materials, operando electrochemical TEM and ASTAR system.


  • postdoc (LSPM-CNRS, Vladimir SOLOZHENKO, 2016-2019, material science under extreme conditions)
  • PhD : "Boron chalcogenides under extreme conditions" (UPMC/synchrotron SOLEIL, Yann LE GODEC/Jean-Paul ITIE, 2012-2015, material science under extreme conditions)
  • master (Moscow State University, Chemistry department, 2008-2012)


  • High pressure-high temperature (HP-HT) synthesis (≤25 GPa; ≤3000 K) using various large volume HP apparatus and laser-heated diamond anvil cells (DAC).
  • Design, preparation and development of the HP assemblies.
  • Powder X-ray diffraction (pwXRD; including in situ HP-measurements) using laboratory and synchrotron facilities/Rietveld refinement.
  • Raman/IR spectroscopy at ambient and under high pressure.
  • Preparation of the hard/ultra-hard samples for the Vickers/Knoop hardness tests and scanning electron microscope (SEM) measurements (using Struers equipment).
  • Vickers/Knoop hardness tests.
  • TEM

Projets en cours

ASTAR/1 year/Région Hauts de France

Molecular‐Level Insight into Correlation between Surface Defects and Stability of Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskite Under Controlled Humidity

Mohammad Ali Akhavan Kazemi, Parth Raval, Kirill Cherednichekno, Jean‐Noel Chotard, Anurag Krishna, Arnaud Demortiere, G. N. Manjunatha Reddy, Frédéric Sauvage

Small Methods, 2020

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