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Shane Beattie


  • CEO BTInnovations


PostDoc au LRCS Janvier 2006 – août 2007
Si based Li-ion electrodes

Si Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries—A New Way to Look at an Old Problem

S. D. Beattie, D. Larcher, M. Morcrette, B. Simon, J.-M. Tarascon

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2007

Recent findings and prospects in the field of pure metals as negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries

LARCHER, Dominique; BEATTIE, Shane; MORCRETTE, Mathieu; EDSTRÖM, Kristina; JUMAS, Jean-Claude; TARASCON, Jean-Marie

Journal Of Materials Chemistry, 2007

Towards a Fundamental Understanding of the Improved Electrochemical Performance of Silicon–Carbon Composites

J. Saint, M. Morcrette, D. Larcher, L. Laffont, S. Beattie, J.-P. Pérès, D. Talaga, M. Couzi, J.-M. Tarascon

Advanced Functional Materials, 2007

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