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Wan Si Tang

Wan Si

  • Guest Researcher
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology


Hydrures et amidures complexes pour le stockage de l'hydrogène.

Thèse de Doctorat, Amiens, Octobre 2013

Directeur de thèse : J-M. Tarascon, R. Janot

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Anion and Cation Dynamics in CsSiH3

Skoryunov, R. V., Babanova, O. A., Soloninin, A. V., Skripov, A. V., Chotard, J. -N., Janot, R., Tang, W. S., Dimitrievska, M., Udovic, T. J.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019

Catalyzed KSiH3 as a reversible hydrogen storage material

Raphael Janot, Wan Si Tang, Damien Clemencon, Jean-Noel Chotard

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016

Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation Effect in Hydrogen Storage Materials: Striking Example of Alkali Silanides MSiH3 (M = K, Rb, Cs)

WS. Tang, JN. Chotard, P. Raybaud, R. Janot

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014

Hydrogenation properties of KSi and NaSi Zintl phases

W.S. Tang, JN. Chotard, P. Raybaud, R. Janot

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2012

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