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Industrial PhD (LRCS – Umicore, November 2020-November 2023) Project: Na-ion batteries are catching a lot of attention as a possible alternative to the Li-ion technology due to the unlimited sodium abundance. Despite impressive improvements of their performances in the last few years, safety issues due to the use of a flammable liquid electrolyte is still a major drawback. This is why Na-based All-Solid-State Batteries (Na-ASSB) could be a promising “next generation” of electrochemical energy storage devices. Recently, a new class of solid-state electrolytes has been proposed for Li-ASSB: the Li-Rich Anti-Perovskites related to the archetype Li3OCl. Their intrinsic high ionic conductivity, stability against lithium metal coupled to a low temperature synthesis process make them materials of great interest. In this project, we propose the synthesis, structural and ionic conductivity characterizations of new Li and Na Anti-Perovskite materials as solid electrolytes. One of the great interests of Li or Na anti-perovskites is their chemical tunability. Anti-Perovskite phases of general formula X3 +B 2-A - can be easily modified by chemical substitution. Those chemical substitutions are expected to increase their ionic conductivity at room temperature.


Master MESC: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (2016–2018).
S1: Aix-Marseille Université (Marseille, France)
S2: Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)
S3: Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, France).
S4: LRCS (Amiens, France) : Anti-perovskite ion conductors for all solid state batteries.
Advisors: Professor Christian Masquelier and Theodosios Famprikis


Solid-state synthesis, x-ray/synchrotron/neutron diffraction, thermal analysis, electrochemical analysis, rietveld

Projets en cours

Doctoral research project between CNRS and Umicore on sodium solid electrolytes. 2020-2023

Investigation of sulphate hydride anti-perovskite as solid electrolyte

A. Urrutia, E. Salager, P.E. Cabelguen, R. Janot and J.N. Chotard

Solid State Ionics, 2024

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