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The project (in the framework of DESTINY PhD program ) is an in-depth crystal chemistry study to develop new iron and/or manganese polyanionic materials (sulphates and/or phosphates) for Na-ion batteries, as alternatives to vanadium-rich polyanionic materials used today in the Na-ion battery technologies recently developed, for instance, by the spin-off company TIAMAT. The PhD project is shared between LRCS (Amiens), CEA Liten (Grenoble) and ICMCB (Bordeaux). During the project different challenges would be considered: development of new synthesis routes, obtaining conductive and protective coatings. The industrial platform in CEA would allow to challenge the up-scaling of the best performing material, which could not be performed without thorough structural and electrochemical characterization, done in ICMCB and LRCS.


Master’s degree (Moscow State University, 2021)


Inorganic synthesis: solid-state, solvo/hydro/ionothermal synthesis, electrochemistry of batteries, X-ray diffraction, Mossbauer spectroscopy.

Projets en cours

The PhD project in the DESTINY framework (Marie Sklodowska Curie actions COFUND PhD).