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We perform multiscale modelling of the manufacturing process for electrode materials used in Li-ion batteries. Special attention is directed towards blended electrodes. Microstructure simulations are carried out by Coarse-grained molecular dynamics. These results feed our electrochemical and mechanical models, which are solved by using the finite element method.


- Postdoc: 2020-2021, Florida State University (United States). Supervisor: Dr. Oliver Steinbock.

- PhD: 2015-2019, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba – INFIQC-CONICET (Argentina). Supervisor: Dr. Sergio Dassie.


Continuum simulations: Finite element method, finite difference.
Mass transport, kinetics.
Molecular dynamics simulations.

Projets en cours


Data Specifications for Battery Manufacturing Digitalization: Current Status, Challenges, and Opportunities

Franco Martín Zanotto, Diana Zapata Dominguez, Elixabete Ayerbe, Iker Boyano, Christine Burmeister, Marc Duquesnoy, Marlene Eisentraeger, Jonathan Florez Montaño, Alfonso Gallo-Bueno, Lukas Gold, Florian Hall, Nicolaj Kaden, Bernhard Muerkens, Laida Otaegui, Yvan Reynier, Simon Stier, Matthias Thomitzek, Artem Turetskyy, Nicolas Vallin, Jacob Wessel, Xukuan Xu, Jeyhun Abbasov, Alejandro A. Franco

Batteries & Supercaps, 2022

Designing Electrode Architectures to Facilitate Electrolyte Infiltration for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Abbos Shodiev, Franco M. Zanotto, Jia Yu, Mehdi Chouchane, Jianlin Li, Alejandro A. Franco

Energy Storage Materials, 2022

Experimentally Validated Three-Dimensional Modeling of Organic-Based Sodium-Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Teo Lombardo, Fanny Lambert, Roberto Russo, Franco M. Zanotto, Christine Frayret, Gwenaelle Toussaint, Philippe Stevens, Matthieu Becuwe, Alejandro A. Franco

Batteries & Supercaps, 2022

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