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My PhD project is: In situ synthesis of important electrode materials for Li-ion batteries: Li(Ni,Mn)2O4-δ spinels. It is in the frame of Marie Skłodowska-Curie InnovaXN project (# 847439), and also with collaboration between Institute Laue-Langevin (ILL), LRCS, ICMCB and Umicore Belgium.
Our main purpose is to establish close relationships between stoichiometry, morphology, structure and electrochemical properties of fully characterized positive electrode powders for Li-Ion batteries. An exhaustive approach (precursors, thermal treatments under various pO2, substitution (with Fe, Mg)) will be used to tune the synthesis of high-performance Li(Ni,Mn)2O4-δ spinels.
Phase equilibria during synthesis will be explored in situ using T-controlled X-Ray or Neutron diffraction under various atmospheres and with different sintering additives, using the D20 diffractometer @ ILL for instance. Neutron diffraction is essential to characterize cation stoichiometry and ordering (Ni and Mn) and oxygen vacancies.
Electrochemical studies will be performed on laboratory and industry-like cells (“18650” cylindrical format) to understand what governs the voltage-composition profiles, the reversibility, the contributions of Ni or Mn.


Masters degree in chemistry, Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry under supervision of E.V. Antipov

Compétences Hydrothermal, solid-state and sol-gel methods of synthesis, X-ray and Neutron diffraction, BVEL calculations, Galvanostatic charge-discharge, Cyclic voltammetry, EC-lab BioLogic Matplotlib library for Python, OriginLab, Fullprof, Jana2006, VESTA.

Projets en cours

Marie Skłodowska-Curie InnovaXN project (# 847439)