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In order to satisfy the growing demand in the field of energy storage, the development of low cost and long life batteries is constantly evolving. Currently, the Li-ion battery is the technology capable of meeting this demand both in terms of performance and production volume. However, this rise in interest puts pressure on the price of lithium and drive up the cost of this technology. Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) is a strong candidate to complement this growing demand. In the next five years, we can expect SIBs to be produced in large volume. Assessing the safety of this technology is therefore essential. The thesis will consist in studying the thermal runway as well as the fire behavior of SIBs by means of different calorimetric techniques (DSC, ARC, fire calorimeter) and abusive tests. The proposed study will rely on the start-up TIAMAT for the manufacture of SIB cells, on INERIS for its expertise in battery safety and the associated test resources, and on the LRCS for its recognized expertise in energy storage materials.


- Masters: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, "Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion" (Warsaw University of Technology, Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier, University of Ljubljana, Univeristé de Picardie Jules Verne, 2020-2022).
- Master Thesis: L'Institut de Science des Matériaux de Mulhouse (IS2M), Optimization of Hard Carbon electrodes and analysis of the SEI for sodium-ion batteries.



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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Destiny doctoral project (2022-2025) funded by CNRS