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Driven by the growing demand for large-scale electrochemical energy storage devices, low-cost batteries with high energy density have become objects of intense research. In order to achieve high performance with low-cost and ecofriendly material, organic materials, which only contain light and earth-abundant elements, looks very promising candidates. Organic-derived compounds also have the advantages of higher recyclability and easier synthesis against inorganic compounds. The present thesis is focused on the study of new materials derived from bio-sources, for the construction of eco-compatible Li-ions batteries. The project includes two approaches: at first, a computational screening of the potential molecules will be carried out, in order to provide useful information on both geometries and electronic structures of the molecules under investigation. Secondly, the most promising molecules will be synthesized and their electrochemical properties will be characterized. Tests on battery prototypes will be performed to give an insight about the potential application of the materials on the large-scale battery manufacturing.


  • R&D Organic Chemist at Menarini, Siena, Italy (2016-2019)

Development and execution of multi-step organic synthesis of glycoconjugates (vaccines

APIs). Conduction of instrumental analysis such as HPLC, NMR and UV spectroscopy.

  • Research scholarship at University of Pisa (may 2016 – oct 2016)

Computational study of chemical reactivity, through hybrid QM/Continuum methods, of nucleophilic reactivity of peroxides anions. Supervisor: Prof Benedetta Mennucci

  • Master degree in Chemistry at University of Pisa (2013-2016), Physical chemistry.

Thesis title: “Computational study of photochromic dithienylethenes: from energy transfer to plasmonic effects of nanoparticles.” Supervisor: Prof. Benedetta Mennucci

  • Bachelor degree in Chemistry at University of Pisa (2010-2013).

Thesis title: “Computational study of circular dichroism spectra of RNA fragment.” Supervisor: Prof. Benedetta Mennucci


HPLC, UV-vis and NMR spectroscopy, computational chemistry and molecular modeling.

Projets en cours

CIFRE grant in collaboration with EDF (2019-2022).