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Current lithium-ion battery electrodes are obtained by a “wet” process using toxic solvents and an energy-intensive drying step leading to an increase in the carbon footprint. The battery community is therefore seeking to replace this process with a solvent-free (“dry”) manufacturing method. Extrusion is one such method, being used in obtaining films (for “classic” batteries) or filaments for 3D printing. Depending on the formulation (materials used) and the extrusion parameters, the microstructure of the filaments after extrusion can vary completely and lead to the printing of electrodes with totally different electrochemical performances. Therefore, this thesis subject proposes to use electron microscopy techniques coupled with other imaging techniques such as AFM (in collaboration with the University of Artois) to visualize the location of charges within the electrodes. A digital extrusion model will also be developed (STRUDEL 3D LAMFA-LRCS Project collaboration), corroborated by the experimental findings of this doctoral work. The final objective is to be able to predict, based on manufacturing parameters, the location of the charges and the performance of the printed electrodes.


Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, Science and Engineering of Polymers specialization (Politehnica University of Bucharest, 2017-2021);
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC+, 2021-2023).


Additive manufacturing (3D-printing), microscopy techniques (SEM/TEM), extrusion, polymer engineering and characterization, energy storage materials, electrochemical characterization

Projets en cours

Contribution of electron microscopy tecHniquEs to the visualization and prediction of charge distribution in co-continuous polymer wires used for 3D printing of lithium-ion batteries (CHEWIE), financed with the help of EDSTS

Solvent-free extrusion of a LiFePO4-based monofilament for three-dimensional printing of a lithium-ion battery positive electrode

Victor Boudeville, Sylvie Grugeon, Alexis Maurel, Raynald Lesieur, Maroua Louati, Aurélie Cayla, Sébastian Ursescu, Christine Campagne, Stéphane Panier and Loic Dupont

Journal of Power Sources, 2024

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