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Industrial PhD (LRCS – ICMCB – TIAMAT) Advisor: LRCS (prof. C. Masquelier, prof. J-N. Chotard), ICMCB (Dr L. Croguennec, prof. D. Calier), TIAMAT (Dr. Iona Moog) The research topic is aimed to find new positive electrode materials for Sodium ion batteries.


- Umicore Korea (Cheonan, Korea) / 2018

Synthesis, surface modification, and characterizations of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

- Master Erasmus Mundus – Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (M.E.S.C) / 2015 – 2017

S1 Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France)

S2 Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)

S3 Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, France)

S4 IMN – Renault – Saft (Nantes, France)

Thesis: Optimization of formulation of silicon-graphite (Si-G) composite electrodes and study of their

ageing mechanisms (Prof. Bernard Lestriez, and Dr. Nicolas Dupré)


Synthesis (solid-state, sol-gel), electrochemistry, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, solid-state NMR

Projets en cours

CIFRE (LRCS – ICMCB – TIAMAT) / 2019 – 2021 / ANRT

An Asymmetric Sodium Extraction/Insertion Mechanism for the Fe/V-Mixed NASICON Na4FeV(PO4)3

Sunkyu Park, Jean-Noël Chotard, Dany Carlier, Iona Moog, Mathieu Duttine, François Fauth, Antonella Iadecola, Laurence Croguennec*, and Christian Masquelier*

Chemistry of Materials, 2022

Crystal Structure of Na2V2(PO4)3, an intriguing phase spotted in the Na3V2(PO4)3 – NaV2(PO4)3 system

S. Park, Z. Wang, Z. Deng, I. Moog, P. Canepa, F. Fauth, D. Carlier, L. Croguennec, C. Masquelier & J. N. Chotard

Chemistry of Materials, 2022

Crystal Structures and Local Environments of NASICON-type Na3FeV(PO4)3 and Na4FeV(PO4)3 Positive Electrode Materials for Na-ion Batteries

S. Park, J. N. Chotard, D. Carlier, I. Moog, M. Courty, M. Duttine, F. Fauth, A. Iadecola, L. Croguennec & C. Masquelier

Chemistry of Materials, 2021

Phase Stability and Sodium-Vacancy Orderings in a NaSICON Electrode

Z. Wang, S. Park, Z. Deng, F. Fauth, D. Carlier, L. Croguennec, C. Masquelier, J. N. Chotard, P. Canepa

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021

A chemical map of NaSiCON electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

B. Singh, Z. Wang, S. Park, G. Sai Gautam, J-N. Chotard, L. Croguennec, D. Carlier, A. K. Cheetham, C. Masquelier, P. Canepa

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020

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