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The target of VISION is to develop dye-sensitized solar cells converting no more visible light but the near-infrared region to pave the way towards transparent and colorless photovoltaics. The project aims at developing (i) new robust NIR sensitizers, (ii) a new generation of mesoscopic semi-conducting film adapted to the opto-electronic properties of the NIR dyes, (iii) a colorless redox couple to regenerate the dye’s reduced state based on one electron redox mediator tailored specifically on modified Fe(+III/+II) and Ni(+IV/III) complexes. Those research activities will rely on a fourth workpackage gathering an arsenal of spectroscopic tools probing from millisecond down to femtosecond processes based on IMVS/IMPS, transient absorption spectroscopy and up-conversion photoluminescence spectroscopy. VISION-NIR targets the development of NIR-DSSC being transparent and colourless exhibiting above 7% power conversion efficiency, stable against IEC61646 protocol,and finally displaying above 75% total transmittance in the whole visible range.


Masters (first year) in Physical Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials (Lebanese University, 2016-2017)

Masters (second year) in Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (University of Lille, 2017-2018)


Time Resolved Spectroscopy, Photochemistry and Photophysics

Projets en cours

VISOON-NIR / 3 years / ANR