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Master Thesis Internship LRCS - Amiens

Mis en ligne le : 20.12.2018

In-situ SEM micro-indentation study of active materials in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries throughout cycling

During this project, the mechanical properties of active materials constituting the anode in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries will be investigated. A particular interest will be given to the determination of the hardness and elastic modulus behaviour throughout the cycling process. In this aim, the student will perform in-situ SEM micro-indentation analyses coupled with SEM and EDX analyses to follow the morphological, chemical and mechanical evolutions at different charging state. The results obtained during this master thesis will allow to propose links between electrochemical performance and mechanical properties of the active materials giving new insight on the importance of such study in the battery field.

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Stage Master 2 LRCS Amiens

Mis en ligne le : 14.12.2018

Exploration de la Voie Solvothermale pour la Synthèse d’oxydes lamellaires de type Na[Fe0,5Mn0,5]O2 pour Les Batteries Sodium-ion

Les composés NaxFe1-yMnyO2 [1,2] se positionnent comme un des candidats potentiels pour une application en tant que matériaux d’électrode positive pour les batteries à ions sodium. Leur impact environnemental réduit, l’abondance des éléments qui les constituent et leur grande capacité de 200 mAh/g font de cette famille de composés un candidat idéal. Cependant, leur problème de stabilité sous air (oxydation, humidité) rend plus complexe les étapes de préparation d’électrodes à grande échelle. L’une des solutions à ce problème serait le revêtement des particules de ces composés par une couche protectrice très fine (couche organique ou carbonée).

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Stage Master LRCS

Mis en ligne le : 10.12.2018

Automated Segmentation in X-ray Computed Tomography using Deep Learning

Research topic : X-ray nano Computed Tomography (CT) with a spatial resolution of 20-60 nm is a strong
new tool to probe Li-ion battery materials in a non-destructive mode. Nano CT allows us to distinguish in 3D different phases of composite electrode such active particle, carbon-binder (CBD) and porosity, which is crucial to properly get insight into electrochemical properties of Li-ion battery. 3D morphological parameters, such as porosity, tortuosity, connectivity, specific surface and surface contact, directly drive ion diffusions and electronic conductivities as well as electrochemical reactions. Furthermore, the coupling between absorption and phase contrast modes (in X-ray imaging) is always required to identify each phases containing heavy and light elements. Tomography reconstruction steps have to be then optimized as so to minimize artifact and noise as well as get high contrast. Tomopy, an open-source Python package developed by ID32 beamline from APS synchrotron (Argonne NL, USA), is used for tomographic data processing and image reconstruction: rotation center determination, phase retrieval, tomogram reconstruction (via CPU or GPU).

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Stage M2 ou Ingénieur LRCS - 6 mois

Mis en ligne le : 05.11.2018

Synthesis and Characterization of Antiperovskite Ion Conductors for Solid-State Batteries

Solid-State batteries represent one of the most promising next-generation electrochemical energy storage technologies to power the transition towards renewable energies and the electrification of transport1. The development of solid-state batteries is contingent on the development of solid materials with high ionic conductivities and stable with both electrodes under operating conditions1. Anti-perovskite materials; related to the archetype Li3OCl; have recently been synthesized2 and proposed as being stable against lithium metal3. In addition, their intrinsic ionic conductivity and low synthesis/processing temperatures show great promise. The proposed project entails the rational design, synthesis and characterization of such anti-perovskite ionic conductors.

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Postdoc LRCS Amiens

Mis en ligne le : 03.09.2018

OPERANDO investigation of Battery Materials

One LRCS-funded postdoctoral research position is available to carry out crystallography work on
cathode materials for advanced batteries, within the LRCS Laboratory in Université de Picardie Jules
Verne in Amiens, France. The work will be conducted under the scientific supervision and responsibility
of Assoc. Prof. Jean-Noël CHOTARD and Prof. Christian MASQUELIER.

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