Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides

Le LRCS (UMR CNRS/UPJV 7314) est un laboratoire de recherche sur le stockage et la conversion de l'énergie. Au LRCS, 30 scientifiques expérimentés et 40 jeunes chercheurs travaillent sur les batteries d’aujourd’hui et de demain, le photovoltaïque et le stockage de l'hydrogène.

Job Opportunities

PhD, engineering positions, permanent research positions, postdocs, internship in chemistry…

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Junghan Son PhD Thesis defense

Tuesday March 7th at 10 a.m. in the HUB amphitheater, Junghan Son will defend his PhD thesis during a talk entitled : "Modelization and synthesis of ionic conductive polymer for all-sol... [+]

Invited Seminar Dr. Thanh-Tuan BUI

Thursday February 23rd at 11.00 a.m. in the Hub Amphitheater , Dr. Thanh-Tuan BUI (Associate Professor, Cergy Université), will give a seminar entitled : "Mole... [+]

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The LRCS, over 25 years ago.
Inauguration of the old "new" LRCS building on October 21, 1993.
Voice of the Director, Professor Michel FIGLARZ.


Latest publications

Biologically Assisted One-Step Synthesis of Electrode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

Laura Galezowski, Nadir Recham, Dominique Larcher, Jennyfer Miot, Fériel Skouri-Panet, Hania Ahouari, François Guyot

Microorganisms, 2023

LIBAC: An Annotated Corpus for Automated “Reading” of the Lithium-Ion Battery Research Literature

Hassna El-Bousiydy, Javier F. Troncoso, Patrik Johansson, and Alejandro A. Franco

Chemistry of Materials, 2023

Theoretical and experimental studies of chitin nanocrystals treated with ionic liquid or deep eutectic solvent to afford nanochitosan sheets

Catalina Ferreira Funes, Benjamin Bouvier, Christine Cézard, Claudia Fuentealba, Arash Jamali, Matthieu Courty, Caroline Hadad, Albert Nguyen Van Nhien

Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2023

Machine Learning-Assisted Multi-Objective Optimization of Battery Manufacturing from Synthetic Data Generated by Physics-Based Simulations

Marc Duquesnoy, Chaoyue Liu, Diana Zapata Dominguez, Vishank Kumar, Elixabete Ayerbe, Alejandro A. Franco

Energy Storage Materials, 2022

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