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Photoelectrochemistry and photovoltaic devices

Photoelectrochemistry and photovoltaic devices

Dr. Frédéric Sauvage

Involved staff:

A. Franco, F. Sauvage

Photoelectrochemistry and photovoltaic devices are the two most recent research topics developed in the lab. This new thematic area, integrated into the lab activities in December 2010, features two parts relying on the electrochemical conversion of solar energy: dye-sensitized solar cells and the development of dual-function materials which combines the conversion of solar energy and its storage at the molecular scale.

This research area investigates some of the less developed topics in the literature on dye-sensitized cells and some new innovative electrochemical concepts. The work conducted fully responds to the development of new fundamental knowledge and thoroughly addresses current and forthcoming societal challenges on the low-cost conversion of solar energy and the smoothing out of its generation/distribution through electrochemical storage.

For the period 2011-2016, three significant developments can be emphasized:

i) understanding of degradation mechanisms in dye-sensitized cells, and synthesis and development of new generations of more stable and efficient molecules.

ii) development of near-infrared sensitizers leading to the demonstration of a first device which is colorless and transparent in the visible.

iii) the proof of concept of a dual-function electrode combining energy conversion and storage for photo-chargeable batteries and non-intermittent photovoltaic devices.

Compréhension des mécanismes de dégradation dans les cellules à colorant et développement d’une nouvelle génération de molécules plus stables et plus performantes

Développement de sensibilisateurs pour la conversion du proche IR

Electrodes bi-fonctionnelles combinant conversion et stockage de l’énergie pour batteries photo-rechargeables

Cellules à base de structures Pérovskites