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Former staff and alumni

Clément Rabette


  • Ph.D. Student

Main Research Activities

Development of an innovative method, substituting the numerous experiments needed for full characterization of electrolytes by a unique experiment allowing to get every parameters of interest (salt diffusion coefficient, electrolyte ionic conductivity and transference number, mainly), by using a four-electrodes electrochemical cell.

  • Simplification of the characterization process
  • Important increase in repeatability

    →   Simplified electrode/electrolyte couple optimization & more, reliable, experimental data available for modeling.

Academic Training

  • Ph.D. : LRCS/LAMFA, Charles Delacourt, Benoit Fleutot & Jean-Paul Chehab, Electrolyte Properties For Li-ion Batteries, UPJV , 2017-Currently
  • Physics Master : "Nanostructured Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces", UPJV, 2015 - 2017

Professional skills

Condensed Matter, Complex Systems, Signal Processing, Computing (Matlab, C++ mainly)

Running Projects

EP4B : Electrolytic Properties for Batteries, 3 years, Region/ERDF (European Regional Development Funds)

Determination of Transport Properties of Electrolyte With or Without Convection

C. Delacourt and C. Rabette

Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2023

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